Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tender Board-top tips for successful bidding

For those of you who prepared the tender board in the past you know it can be discouraging when the bid is not successful. There are some guidelines that you can follow to make sure that the work you put into your council tenders will not end in failure.

Board the same last bid to ensure fair and consistent treatment. If you follow some basic tips that will offer you an enhanced likelihood to win any tender board to go to - all of this is rocket science but it is often overlooked by companies succeed.

1. It is important to know all the things they are looking for. It is important that you understand every detail of each tender offer for the board - you will be left blank what it will look bad on your company.

2. Which brings us to the second point - fill in each section. If you do not understand anything in your council tenders then ask the relevant people.

3. Want to sell your company's services, but do not go crazy. Let them know about your business, but make sure that the information that has to do with the tender board.

4. Ensure that all relevant fields and send the tender board signed within.

5. Follow the given price structure, so the cost is easily formed.

6. Provide all information required in the tender board. If they do not want the information they ask for it.

7. Make sure you give your best price - this is not a negotiation process, the tender board decided based on the offer.

8. DO NOT show templated bid - must be valid for all the details.

9. Make sure that you meet the deadline - if you bid too late not only reflect badly on your company, but it may not be considered.

10. Give yourself enough time to build your council tenders - random bid will give a bad impression of your company.

11. Make sure that you clear the board of the tender brief - including typography, arguments, fonts and how to set out an offer.

12. Remember, it does not automatically mean that to be the lowest price bid will automatically succeed to win the tender board - they're looking for a good value.

13. It is not advisable to ask to talk about your offer. While you can ask questions when there is something you do not understand the tender board.

14. In case you did not manage to ask for some advice. This can be useful in any future bids.

Make sure you stay on top of these simple steps and increase your chances of making a successful bid for the tender board.

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