Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guide for building swing.

A seesaw is a simple board with a long thin plank top in the middle so that the ends will move up and down when weight is placed on the other end. A rider visible at each end and push their feet against the ground to them and then lift the end of the other end in the air off the ground. Seesaws usually have handles on the front of the rider sitting on each end to hold the seesaw while running up and down. It is easy to build a seesaw, it is as simple as the steps described below.

Materials required

- Here are the necessary things;

- Screws and bolts

- Sand and cement

- Water

- Padding

- Staples

- U-clamp and post anchors

- Covering Materials

- Metal tube or 2 "X 8" stock

- Metal U-frame or post stock

- Turns out, level, tape measure, hammer, pencil / paper, metal drill, stapler and wood.

Step one:

First, a solid foundation must be built on a seesaw. The land area should be leveled about 20'x 20 'and have dug two holes in the center of which must be at least six feet tall and one foot wide. The tube should be set into the hole. Peak tube should be kept about 3 "below the ground. Now the anchor must be connected to allow the upright support.

Step two:

Now when the foundation is completed, it is time to develop writing. This requires a one-piece metal U-post system or just two vertical posts joined with a steel pipe should be bolted to the ends of the wood post metal system. Should be attached to the foundation posts. When writing is installed, a mix concrete, sand and water should be poured into the hole and around the post. It must ensure that exactly the right angle to the surface of the paper. Concrete should be given 24 hours to set before attaching the posts to the foundation.

Step three:

Now the length of the shaft must decide. Wood or metal can be used but must be wrapped with cushion lever and if you choose wood, metal pieces should be fastened to the base stock to provide stability. Now the hole will be bored for a seat at both ends.

Step Four:

This step requires the handle to be placed through the drill hole to the level of arm sizes 18 "- 24" from the end of the shaft. Additional holes will be drilled in a 1 "x 2" piece of stock. Vertical beam should now be attached to the lever parallel and then be added to the cross section as a straight beam handling. On both sides of a seesaw, must be attached by a piece of foam covered with leather skin to serve as a seat.

Step Five:

Finally, the sharp edges of the foundation, levers, handles, etc. should be sanded. Now the seesaw can be painted with non-lead based paint.

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