Monday, April 29, 2013

4 Ways to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

When Andy and Joy Trotti sat down to look at their finances three years ago, they realized they were not on the track options for phasing in a decade or more, as they wish. Both entrepreneurs in Tampa, he as an oncologist and she as a real estate entrepreneur, Trottis want to find ways to increase their retirement savings quickly so if they choose to stop working in their early sixties, they can make it comfortable. Together, they chose financed pension plan, a unique option that allows them to maximize the power of their business now for comfortable pension later.

"A funded plan has worked well for us because we have a stream of income from the business my husband that we need to use for everyday expenses," said Andy Trotti. "We are dedicated stream of funding our retirement income, and the back is quite amazing now."

To Trottis not alone. Many employers plan to work forever and then decided that having the option to remove to do. If you're looking for ways to reach out to your colleagues to save for retirement in their careers, here are some ideas to help you.

Financed Planning

As Trottis, business owners can borrow the strength of their business, paying interest along the way, to ensure retirement income later. Use Trottis plan available through Entaire Global Companies, Inc., which funded pensions expert for independent professionals and entrepreneurs .. Lee Novikoff, president of Tidal Group, the oil exploration company Schertz, Tex.., Set a plan two years ago and said to have given an average return of 15 percent. "In the last two years, this is the only thing that I have given a positive result," he said.

Funded pension plans invest business owners' funds of indexed annuities are hedged so that the assets can only go up in value, not down. Plans are available through distributors Entaire Global Financial children, or through an independent insurance agent and certified financial planner.

Social security

While millions of Americans who worked for years counted on Social Security income during retirement, the government plans to "never created a single source of retirement savings," said Donny Sheinwald, director of retirement services for CheckPoint HR advisory and small to medium-sized retirement option business.

Most experts believe that workers retiring in the next five to 10 years could still count on receiving benefits included in the statement of their Social Security Administration, said David Levi, CFP, CPA, managing director of CBIZ MHM, financial advisory services company. But most entrepreneurs need more revenue, because Social Security payments monthly average was $ 1,067 in April 2010.

Even businessmen who plan to retire within the next few years could be relied upon Social Security to supplement their retirement income, "arrangements were made to keep the [Social Security] digestion, and most likely will affect people under the age of 50," said Arthur Montgomery, president of Paramount Financial, LLC. "The main concern I have for many traders if Social Security goes way based tests, in which they look at your assets and decide if you are too rich to qualify for these benefits can be bad for employers because they are likely to have significant assets and no significant cash flow naturally. '

Whole Life Insurance

For some business owners, life insurance plans may offer additional income during retirement, because the plan offers the certainty of cash accumulation value that grows tax-deferred basis year. This accumulation of cash is sometimes referred to as "living benefits," and the business owner can access growth to provide additional retirement income tax free.

Loans against life insurance plans offer tax benefits not available from other retirement strategies, such as liquidating stock portfolio, says Brian Trzcinski, director of business development market with MassMutual Life Insurance Company. "As a 401 (k) or IRA, cash value of a whole life insurance policy grows tax-deferred basis, meaning you do not have to pay taxes every year any reach," he said. "Liquidation of assets of investment, however, will result in capital gain tax, and distributions are taxed as ordinary income. Can access the cash value of life insurance without generating any income tax liability. Dividend Policy and partial surrender can be accepted on the basis of the policy owner's investment contracts without creating taxable income. Additional cash value can be accessed through policy loans, again no income tax consequences. '

Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Growing in popularity, defined benefit pension plan in which the company guarantees a specific monthly benefit at retirement. Benefits are determined by a formula that takes into account the person's age, history of earnings and years of service rather than depending on investment returns. And the plan allows the business owner to keep large amounts of money tax-free, perfect for making saving lost time.

Financial planner Julie Murphy Casserly works with many older business owners who choose to make a cash balance plan, the type of defined benefit pension plans that could potentially allow them to sock away more than $ 200,000 in pre-tax profits each year to retire.

Other defined benefit pension plan that offers tax deductible contribution to the plan (e) 412 (3). Plan "usually allow contributions tax deductible greater than other qualified plans, because of the amount required to fund the purchase of an annuity contract in a relatively short time, 10 to 15 years," says Jeffrey Landers, president of Bedrock Wealth Management, LLC.

412 (e) (3) plans offer guaranteed monthly retirement income based on the claims paying ability of the insurance company issuant. "In retirement, you will have the option to receive a monthly income for the rest of your life or a lower monthly income to continue for the rest of your life and / or your partner," says Landers.

Individual Retirement Accounts

While the IRA usually takes more than a few years only grows substantially, new rules for some IRA proved beneficial for employers who try to capture retirement savings. For example, the IRA September, a business owner can invest up to 25 percent of pre-tax income, with a limit of $ 49,000 in 2010. "The challenge here is that if you have employees, you must do the same for them as you do for yourself," said Casserly.

With the Simple IRA, a business owner can contribute up to $ 11,500 before income tax and corporate matching $ 11,500 in 2010. And elimination of this year Roth IRA income cap, "people will be able to contribute to non-deductible IRA and then convert to a Roth IRA, so as to provide, under current law, non-tax benefits allow for duty-free growth of funds," said Levi.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Senator Levin, Meet Sallie Krawcheck

* JPMorgan LOSS whale hiding, avoiding administration, misleading the public: 5:00 PMYou Levin is a den of vipers and thieves. I decided to kick you, and, Abadi (bringing his fist on the table) I drive Andrew Jackson, President! From the first minutes of the Philadelphia committee of citizens sent to meet him in February 1834, according to Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United States (1928) by Stan V. Beat HenkelsWe're whale.-Sallie Krawcheck died Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing (JPM) London Whale * JPMorgan JPMorgan's $ 6B BACK TO PURCHASE Equity, to increase the SA Div QTR PMYou is 04:48 38C/SHR can not make up.Levin Carl Levin is. He is the senior senator from Michigan. He was born 100 years after President Jackson was determined to explore the banks of the evil one more time and place.Otis Bilodeau and our excellent finance team now flooded with stories of struggle Bank. A) James "Jamie" Dimon is a crime and B) James "Jamie" Dimon well. (Mr. Dimon better than me, he was superintendent of the northern fortress Wall Street in New York.) Mr. Dimon will be dodging and misleading. He says it to Mr. Dimon can give money to the trust shareholders.I senators and bankers make splash today.Ms "report.". Krawcheck, a former senior vice president, Standing Up for Manufacturers of Revenue, appeared on Bloomberg TV and lightweight add convincing to date. He gets the perfect human comedy and be the historic day we drifted towards the end of the financial collective crisis.I we think Senator Levin is to communicate across time and culture in Jackson and Dimon.Forget it.Senator Levin, identified Sallie Krawcheck on. Discuss.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 3 Most Important things to Mobile World Congress

Gadget fans walk this week from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​the annual fest television for connected devices, grumbling about the lack of observable attention to the product's success. There is no substitute for the big screen years ago, Wonder HD Samsung (005930) Galaxy Note 10.1, well no one dared to push over the 41-megapixel barrier was broken last year by 808 PureView Nokia camera phone. And with Apple (AAPL) did not show up (as usual) and Google (GOOG) suspiciously scarce at the event this year, the tablet is clearly understated.Instead industry news, automotive energy sector, and city planning experts to draw some to the largest audience on the trade show floor, showing how mobile technology can change the creaking of grid energy, save billions in health systems efficiently, and improve disaster response capabilities in the major cities. Maybe blunt, but important.Here the three most important things to emerge from the Mobile World Congress: 1) Infrastructure technology. Introduced the Deutsche Telekom (DTE) of a new machine-to-machine (or M2M) telematics market. It is asking developers to build managed software solutions that can be sold, say, port operators and power companies. Among the new applications to market remote monitoring pipe and cargo-tracking software bundle, said J├╝rgen Hase, vice president of Deutsche Telekom M2M competence Center.2) application automaker. French carmaker Renault (RNO) shows R-Link app store where customers buy apps for the road (think of maps, weather information, and streaming music) with a new in-dash tablet display to select car models for launch later this year. Renault is trying to pursue a higher-end rivals BMW (BMW), Audi (NSU), and Toyota (TM), which introduced their own proprietary app marketplaces.3) Handset savings. The biggest buzz comes courtesy of Mozilla, which introduced another mobile operating system market is tight. Firefox OS phones run on HTML5, web-based language that does not burn in the development of society. The selling point is that Firefox OS phones to target specific to the consumer who can not afford an iPhone or high-end Android phones. The handset, which is conducted by ZTE China (763) and HUAWEI, and LG (066,570) and AirTouch Alcatel (ALU), will launch later this summer in Eastern Europe, South America, and only one EU country , Spain, the youth also the official unemployment rate of 55 percent.Nokia (NOK) caught the news bug-savings will not soothe shareholders. Among the four handset Nokia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop introduced in Barcelona is "105," to bring the retail price of € 15 ($ 19.60), and "301," $ 85. Although inline smartphone, Lumia, priced to move. Two new intro, Lumia 520 and Lumia 720, will carry a retail price around $ 180 and $ 325, according to the order.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The rise in BP Oil Contract

Even as the U.S. Justice Department is investigating the BP (BP) over 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion, which caused the worst oil spill in the history of the country, the Pentagon increased its purchase of the company.

Macmillan U.S. Settles Lawsuit Over E-Book Prices

The U.S. Justice Department announced Friday that it has reached a settlement with Macmillan in a lawsuit over alleged price fixing of electronic books. Macmillan was the last of the big publishing houses to pay last spring government.This, Macmillan Chief Executive Officer John Sargent has vowed to fight the case. Now in a note to authors, illustrators, agents and published on the company website, Sargent explains why he would turn. "There are two reasons we do not live far into the future," he wrote. "First, the settlement calls for a discount rate of e-books that we consider harmful to the industry. We feel that if only three major six publishers are required to discount and we stand firm, these problems can be prevented. But when Random House Penguin agrees to be bound by the settlement, it became clear that all five of the six other major publishers will allow full commission agent to be used as a discount, and Macmillan stood alone worth the price of the entire body will have no impact on the overall market. And in addition, your book and our prices are detrimental to the business for two years. "" The second reason is simple, "he added. "I have old-fashioned belief that you do not have to live if you have done nothing wrong. Apparently, the ancient reality. "The government has touted the settlement as a further success for consumer e-book. "According to the complaint, the five publishers and Apple (AAPL) fun competition between selling e-book e-book reduced price and the retail profit margins by selling books at the thought they were too low," the FBI said in a statement. "To meet the concerns, the department said the company is working to raise the retail price of e-books and eliminate price competition, significant price increases paid by consumers. Before the company started their conspiracy, retailers used to sell e-book versions of new releases and bestsellers for, as described by one of the CEOs of the issuer, the price point 'Merciful $ 9.99. "As a result of the conspiracy, the consumer is usually forced to pay $ 12.99, $ 14.99 or more for the most sought after e-books, the department said. "Macmillan discount restrictions will stop and not being able to build such new restrictions until December 2014, the government said in its reversal of release.Macmillan leave Apple as a named defendant in this case was the end of fighting the charges. Previously, Apple has denied government allegations that it conspired with publishers to fix the price of e-books in an attempt to undermine 's (AMZN) dominant position in the market.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cases Publishing, DOJ May fate of Digital Rights Management

In the days after the announcement of the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against the publishers accused of colluding with the Apple (AAPL) to increase e-book prices, a lot of the U.S. publishing industry decamped to England for the annual book fair in London. Not surprisingly, the lawsuit is the main topic of conversation at cocktail parties and booths around the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in particular speculation about whether the DOJ suit could eventually encourage the publishers to consider The reducing their need for digital rights management (DRM) controls to keep e-book reader from passing a copy of the title in friend.Publishing-industry futurist, individuals are usually far from the real world calculations crunching accounting department publishers' long argued that inhibits e-book DRM changes and prevent e-book small retailers from entering the market and competing with Giant distributor (read: Amazon). In London this year, said Lorraine Shanley, Market Partners Consulting Publishing International, more mainstream publishing executives talk seriously about ending DRM restrictions. "It allows individual publishers more flexibility with their own content and make it available directly to consumers," said Shanley. "And it will allow consumers to access content without starting such a device is locked, girded." Some analysts say wishful thinking. In recent years the music industry has removed almost all restrictions of DRM, has not done much to diversify the digital music market. 

Apples are dominant, and Apple set the price. "For consumers, Amazon restore market forces can lead to preferred among retailers on the street," said Michael Wolf, vice president of technology news site GigaOm. "Man Amazon is merit or not in the long term, which is yet to be seen." Most trade show attendees London, and indeed many others in the business say the case is playing into the hands of the Amazon and his boss, Jeff Bezos. Since its debut turn, (AMZN) to play the long game, losing money at the same razor (on the device) and razor blades (e-book) in an attempt to establish a dominant market position type in your e-book authorized by Apple in digital music. The company sells hardware kindle almost no income, and also lost money in the first few years carried by the release of the new price and major bestsellers at $ 9.99, while paying the publisher $ 15 or more for many titles.For e-books published by Hachette , HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster lived three houses DOJ, Amazon is easy to start cutting retail prices again. It can increase its market share from Amazon out of more than 60 percent of the overall e-book market and put further pressure on Barnes & Noble (BKS), which controls 30 percent. But it can also weaken the thin operating margins as Amazon's investment in long-term projects such as tablets, the Amazon Prime free shipping clubs, and cloud computing initiatives, Amazon Web Services. Analysts believe Amazon will start cutting yet. "It was a very calculated move to the Amazon," said Colin Sebastian, an analyst at RW Baird. "Their view that Apple might not stomach losing a whole lot of money on e-books and Barnes & Noble can not afford. They will do whatever they can at this stage of the e-book and turn to drive market share as possible. "Will Amazon have to be careful about cutting prices dramatically that publishers seek to maximize their remaining dough left. Publisher may, for example, the "window" e-book publication delay them for a few weeks after the release of the more expensive hardcover. Simon & Schuster and Hachette try it on the first day of the wholesale price of e-books, memoirs of Sarah Palin and Edward Kennedy. (This technique, however, can alienate customers and cause an increase in e-book piracy.) Packaging Publishers are also able to experiment with e-books and hardcover, or they may withdraw from the DRM technology of e-books for the Nook, Barnes & Noble may hold more attractive to customers. However, "it is difficult to see how the publishers find a way around the market Amazon, Amazon blows unless somehow," said Bill Rosenblatt GiantSteps consulting firm's overall strategy of Media Technology Strategies.Whatever Bezos, Amazon will not be able to cut the price of e-books published by Penguin and Macmillan until the case is resolved and the DOJ can linger. Said Geoffrey Manne, an antitrust expert at Lewis & Clark Law School, the case could take years to complete, partly because Apple has deep reserves of cash to spend on litigation. Meanwhile, the e-book market will likely continue to increase rapidly. "In fact, the main problem with the suit, so that the technology," Manne said, "is that at Forrester, the market may have changed so much that it will be irrelevant. '