Sunday, December 1, 2013

Work Dating: Dating or Not Date Now ?

"Employees make the best dates do not have to pick them up and they always cut taxes." - Andy Warhol Andy WarholAlthough funny quotes, raised a very serious issue:. Dating in the workplace. Question "to date or not to date?" It comes from many companies between employees, but the rules should be put in place when the company began to avoid complications. Human Resource Management as a professional, you are responsible for your company's HR needs and make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently. It can be hindered by the large separation between employees. However, to prevent your employees from dating can lead to unwanted anger. So what do you do? First consider the pros and cons of allowing dating in the workplace. Few.Pros follows: 

 • People who work together to find each other more than two people to do the blind date, raising the possibility that their relationship lasted. Since the two employees work together, they saw each other almost every day, providing them with enough time to get to know each other in work ethic, personality, and even faith. This is a feature that helps determine whether or not a game. Thus, the interaction between co-workers the opportunity because they missed the awkward introductions and see that it is possible to have a lasting relationship (the reason they decided to continue the relationship). 

• Prevent dating can lead to greater complications than letting date. That is because some employees, even if the rule set against dating co-workers, try for the moment anyway. It is encouraging to sneak behind the back of the boss and can lead to termination if and when the boss know. By dating and allows dating sets policy, small business owners can ensure their employees are still private life private while also underestimating fraud. 

• It can increase employee satisfaction. Even if the employee does not wish at this time, they can earn respect from their employers because their employer said they could trust. They may also find that their employers believe them to be mature and responsible enough to do the right decision.Cons: 

• Breakups can be very bad when you are dating. Imagine then having to see your ex almost every day, constantly reminded of the relationship that now lies in pieces. Leaving date with your company open the possibility, if you clearly define your policy, from damaged hard interfere with the productivity of your company. 

• The boundaries between "private life" and "work-life" becomes blurred. If the couple can now walk down the halls holding hands? They are allowed to make the plan a date or exchanging kisses as they pass in the hall? 

• Relationships within the company can be difficult for those who are not involved in a relationship. This problem is enhanced by the company with fewer than 200 employees because the employees know more percent of the company (as opposed to larger businesses in which an employee can only know part of their division) and work With more companies with greater frequency. Not only can it be difficult after a breakup, but it can be embarrassing to see some. Employee A Employee B may crush, but became romantically involved Employee B and C. Employees can make Employee A jealous, before it did not bother destroying harmful productivity.Every different companies and each company has different rules dating. The key is to determine what is best for your business. 

Talking with other companies can help, as it may be to talk to your colleagues Human Resources to help companies establish policies and make the employee handbook. They can go through with you how to create a policy that will work best for your company because, after all, the pros and cons above may not apply to your business and only a small list of consideration. Whatever your policy, it is important to implement it. Human Resource Software will help you keep track of events and policy documents. Make sure your employees know your policy to properly advise them when they apply for a position or give them training employees to tell them to go after work, once again it is documented our HR system.

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