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Phantom Retractable Screen Solutions to Provide


Tom: Welcome to the podcast edition of Top Products Money Pit, this is your chance to learn about some new products that are out there and available to homeowners across the country, a product that solves the problem, the product is a solution for the challenges they may face around your house, for example, the strong summer sun. That certainly can make your air conditioner work overtime. It can be worn walls and your wood and your furniture and fabrics.

But what if you want to keep the sun and heat and bugs without blocking the view? Well, you can, with a retractable screen installed outside your home. Here to tell us more Jeret Unger of the Phantom Screen. Hi, Jeret. Welcome to the program.

JERET Unger: Thank you, Tom.

Tom: So let's start by talking about what the retractable screen. You know, most people, when they think of home screens for them, think carefully screen windows or screen doors, porch screens or screen doors. But the screen is drawn to completely new level, does not it? [00:01:11]

JERET Unger: That's right, yes. What retractable screen is not, in essence, it will give you protection from insects. It also provides solar shading, as many traditional products that are available out there. But the difference is that they pull back look when you do not need them. So, when they are not needed, they pull back on housing wise, and of course give homeowners complete their full open landscape outside. And it also maintains, of course, the display windows and doors and decorating the entire house. So you do not have a permanent fixed barrier that you have to, say, your traditional windows, the screen remains, for example.

Tom: Are you using it as a replacement, for example, the screen on the patio door? What is a common type of screen entrance may rise more?

JERET Unger: Well, retractable screen actually cover a variety of openings. So there's your door, of course, your standard door, if they are in-swing or out-swing. We can cover the double French doors with phantom screens, too. And of course, you also have a sliding patio door. Arriving at the window, got the screen we have a solution for almost all types of windows, from double-hung for single-hung and casement. [00:02:18]

And then where retractable screen really comes into play in a way that is beautiful and unique with larger openings you. So for example, if you have a covered patio can be a bit uncomfortable for, say, a hot day, or perhaps you have some challenges with bugs at night when nightfall hit, you can actually use a motorized screens. And basically when you hit that, with a characteristic of a button, you attach your outdoor patio, for example. And they work well, of course, with larger openings, such as folding walls of glass and some of it is kind of great applications that we see more and more of the current configuration and new types of construction projects.

Tom: And the outdoor life has never been more important because people have found that they are living in their homes again and again. Find them new ways to use the space that surrounds them, including an outdoor space. So I guess it's a good way to really expand the living space to a wider extent than you ever have before because of the inconvenience faced by mosquitoes and such, right? [00:03:16]

JERET Unger: That's right, yes. We see a real trend now may I guess we call them stay-cation, where people are choosing to visit their summer home more often than not. And of course, this means that they want to optimize the best use of their backyard, and the creation of outer space really helps them do that. So we looked in the kitchen, we'll use them more gazebo and pergolas, for example. And of course, challenges that have come out that they are exposed to direct sunlight during hot periods of the day, as well as the insects at certain times of the day as well. So by using the retractable screens attach them space when they need to have protection, they can extend the time they spend outdoors in comfort and it certainly made the best of their investments. If you put a dollar in, you know, creating outdoor space, you want to use it as long as possible, so that the screen is obtained only makes it more practical. [00:04:05]

Tom: We are talking to Jeret Unger, he was the Digital Marketing Manager with Phantom Screen, screen system that allows you to pull back on the screen when you do not have to use them, keep them hidden from the view, and then drag them to demand only one I think is the best way to put it. Now, it automatically, in case of a power, or are they all manual?

JERET Unger: Well, yes, you have two choices.

Tom: Okay.

JERET Unger: So basically depending on the application. For doors and windows of your routine, they screen the user.

Tom: Okay.

JERET Unger: Just because it's high traffic areas. So you want them to pull the screen quickly when you are building or if you want to open the windows to clear and just take the screen to keep the bug. When we look at some of the larger openings, such as outer space or a large opening closed as I mentioned earlier, such as the folding glass wall system, in which the motorized screen can really be a big help. [00:05:00]

And where motorized screen really at their best when you can guess I have some home automation. If you have a home automation system, motorized screens combined. Or also if you're looking for more energy efficiency, we provide solar sensor, which actually measure the intensity of sunlight and automatically bring them to the motorized screen which at times hot day, to help you save energy costs.

And we also offer a wind sensor. So if you in a place where every now and again you may have a risk of thunderstorms, wind sensor ensures that all screens, motorized screens, pull off the road, with the secrets of their home security so that if a big storm is through you do not have a problem injury.

Tom: Very cool. Now, I understand that you are offering more than 30 types of mesh. Now, I think when most people buy a screen door or window screen view, they think there is really only one type of screening. I was surprised to see that you have 30 different types of mesh. What are some of the choices, and why the consumer can choose one over the other? [00:06:02]

JERET Unger: There are three categories, really. So you do not have insect nets, have your solar mesh, and then what we call your premium solar, which is a thick mesh density. And obviously you have to use insect netting to keep the bugs of your outdoor living space and your interior living space as well. And there are different density, so if you are in an area where you have a mosquito, you can use our common insect. If you happen to live in a climate where you have some very minor bugs, such as no-see-ums, for example, then you can go with less dense weave mesh.

Then it comes to solar, solar standard mesh will probably give you about 60 percent of UV blockage, so it will give you some shade and still allow some air circulation through the openings you too. And when you in a very hot climate or are you in a place where you've just got a really hot summer, we went to a dense mesh type, which we call our premium solar systems, which can provide you with 80 percent, 90 percent blockage, so you really reduce the amount of solar heat that is achieved by the type of mesh. [00:07:02]

There are, of course, also a number of different colors. Some people like to use a mesh that matches the decor of their home. Normally what we would recommend is a dark kind of mesh. So even if you have many different choices of colors that can look very attractive, kind of dark mesh really gives you the best visibility during the day. So even if you have 80 percent - you know, the density of the block, so much that you block the heat of the day - whether it's a darker kind of mesh, you will still have to see through it and see view more types of mesh.

Tom: Yes, I think it's interesting, because many people do not realize that the dark color is actually more transparent. We see that the fence, for example. Many people have a pool fence, and if you use a white fence in the pool, all you see is a wall. If you are using a black pool fence, all you see is a beautiful landscape that you are surrounded by. So dark is certainly more transparent and allows you really to enjoy the beauty outside.

We are talking Jeret Unger. He is the Director of Digital Marketing for the Phantom Screen. Jeret, before we let you go, can you tell me about the purchase and installation? Phantom Screen product to a do-it-yourself, or if you want to buy from an authorized dealer and have it professionally installed? [00:08:09]

JERET Unger: We actually offer two categories. Most people go for professional installation retractable screen option. We have the largest network of authorized distributors throughout North America, so it is an authorized professional installer trained in our factory, our facilities, and they provide the best service. So basically they do all sizes up to the homeowner. Will they take care of a professional installation. If you need to see the service road, you might want to change the type of mesh, for example, they will take care of that, too.

And then we also have homemade options when it comes to your door. There are do-it-yourself retractable screen doors you can buy a few - from national retailers such as Lowe's and Home Depot Canada.

Tom: terrible. Jeret Unger, phantom screen, thank you for being a part of the Money Pit Top Products podcast.

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