Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teesside University joined the Middle East construction plans

TEESSIDE University, the world's leading authority on the study of construction, has been working with Middle Eastern universities and multi-national construction technology companies to cut costs and improve efficiency in the construction industry in the Gulf. University, along with the University of Qatar and Vicon HochTief service providers, non-profit event organized to enhance the knowledge base for Building Information Modeling (BIM). Professor Nashwan Dawood, director of Teesside University of Technology Futures Research Institute, is part of an effort to build a knowledge hub for the Middle East and the Gulf of BIM increases construction industry - based in Qatar. This event is seen as very important in the Qatar construction market and 3D Building information modeling is a hot topic today as preparations begin for the run-up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar - the first Arab country to host the tournament. According to financial analysts to £ 138bn will be spent on stadiums, transport facilities and infrastructure. BIM creates a 3D model allows to live up-to-date information with the multi-purpose functions such as expense tracking, time, use of materials and the use of space to support the task of planning, coordinating design and visualize complex designs. The software can be applied to projects ranging from infrastructure to the stadium. Professor Dawood team working in teams in the world and the tools used to train the major building projects, including bridges and gas rigs. He said: "One of the problems there is always an element of construction is 'suck it and see'. Start to do the job and then suddenly have a lot of problems. Now we can simulate the process early on a computer screen in 3D, working out how it will be done and let it have the supply chain. ' Professor Dawood is estimated that this could save around 5-7% of the projects and help contractors to ensure they meet the deadline. He said: "You could almost take off problems before they occur. Increasing the confidence of clients and therefore increase investment. BIM effective for the management of construction projects throughout their life cycle. ' The three events in Qatar over the next 12 months based on what Prof says Dawood is an essential component for the successful use of four 3D modeling for construction: processes, people, technology and policy. He said: "The events that occurred in what is known as the period of fastest expansion in Qatar. It is interesting to see how much BIM can save time, effort and money. '

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